Plan of Action

The ANCs were created in 1976 to bring government closer to the people. Their main job is to be the neighborhood’s voice. Here’s my plan for making this happen:

To engage our residents:

  • I will be available on a one-on-one basis anytime by email, text, or phone.
  • I will continue to walk the streets of our district to meet neighbors in person.
  • I will hold periodic Town Halls and online listening sessions for expanded all-district input.
  • I will use ad hoc online surveys to gauge all-district sentiment on specific ANC issues.
  • I will employ a network of neighborhood liaisons block by block.

To keep our residents informed:

  • I will publish a monthly email newsletter on key ANC business and decisions.
  • I will do email alerts on urgent issues.
  • I will post (judiciously) on the local listserv and social media.
  • I will use traditional word of mouth communication via neighborhood liaisons.

As the concerns of our community coalesce:

  • I will convene neighbors to brainstorm remedies and develop action proposals.
  • I will leverage the multifaceted expertise of residents in our district.
  • I will advocate for our needs and issues before the ANC.
  • I will work with the other Commissioners for joint action, as required.
  • I will represent our needs and interests to city officials and liaise with them for positive results.

I’ll seek to be a connector, convener, and catalyst — all towards bringing government closer to the people, ensuring our neighbors have an effective voice, and fostering even more inclusive, cohesive, and democratic community.